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TFS and Lab Management Deployments  
If you're unable to employ a cloud-computing approach to development collaboration, our TDC consultants can still help. We've configured and deployed literally hundreds of TFS servers and Lab Management environments. We can streamline your planning, design, and infrastructure deployment activities, and we'll get it right the first time.
TFS Migrations  
If you'd like to move to a trouble-free fully-managed TFS model, but you've already deployed internally, our consultants can help you migrate the most content (Source, Documents, Work Items), with the least hassle. Additionally, if your goal is to merge different domains in-house, either amalgamating TFS servers, or moving them to a new domain, please contact us.
ALM Process Consulting & Custom Workflow Solutions  
Every development organization operates a little differently - policies, methodologies, and best practices can be accommodated in the TFS development templates, standardizing the ALM Approach for your development teams. We have the experience to help you pilot and accommodate out-of-the-box, 3rd party, or even customize development workflow templates.

Whether your development collaboration infrastructure is living at TDC, or in your own corporate environment, we offer a “stand-alone” ALM consulting service. We'll interview stakeholders, assess existing development processes, and make recommendations on how to streamline the application development life cycle. Finally, we'll implement a tailored development workflow solution that’s right for you.
TFS SSO Solution  
Team Members can use their existing Corporate Domain accounts to access our hosted solution (via a one-way Domain Trust, and either a PTP VPN tunnel or dedicated line). Setup premium and additional line charges may apply.
SharePoint (MOSS) Integration with Hosted TFS  
If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of SaaS-based TFS, but don't want to lose the convenience of your existing MOSS portal, then we have a solution for you. Encompassing TFS project teamsites, content in your project is fully-indexed (searchable) within your existing corporate portal, without switching user IDs.
Note: This is offered in conjunction with the SSO offering, above.
The Best Part  
Whether you're an existing TDC customer, or just have some questions about whether TFS is right for you, give us a no-obligation call. If you're looking for more specific or detailed advice, we can even offer a cost-effective online consultation. If we can't satisfactorily answer your questions, the call is free.
Call us toll free at 877-770-7066 for more info, or
send email to sales@teamdevcentral.com or info@teamdevcentral.com