rational eyes Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to our website only and does not extend in any way to the external websites to which we link.

rational eyes is committed to maintaining our compliance with all Canadian privacy legislation including the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act. The following Guiding Principles describe how we achieve our privacy goals.


Informed Consent - We will always clearly stipulate the purpose for the collection of personal information and obtain informed consent prior to collecting that information.
2. Limitation of Collection – We will only collect enough information required for the specified purpose(s).
3. Limitation of Use, Disclosure, and Retention – We will only use the information for the specified purpose for which consent is obtained; we will only disclose the information to persons who need the information to carry out the specified purpose(s); and we will only retain the information collected for as long as we require it to carry out the specified purpose(s).
4. Integrity of Information – We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the integrity of the information collected is maintained by way of confirmation via direct communication and/or research (e.g. through directory services).
5. Safeguarding of Information – We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information collected is kept secure and safe from unknown, undesired, and unauthorized access.
6. Personal Access to Information – Persons who have provided personal information to us may at any time inquire about and/or gain access to that information by contacting our designated privacy officer, privacy@rationaleyes.com.
7. Accountability and Escalation – Our privacy officer is responsible for ensuring that we adhere to these principles. Please contact her at privacy@rationaleyes.com should you have any questions, concerns, and or comments.

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